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WTribe releases Women’s only Mindfulness Workshops

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Hello Ladies,

We are thrilled to be releasing our WTribe Mindfulness workshops for your workplace, colleagues or friendship group!

Women thrive in an environment that is personal, where they connect with each other on a deeper level and they maintain their wellness rituals when they feel safe and accepted. WTribe are the pioneers in Women’s mindfulness in Australia. We have proven with thousands of women across Australia that combining mindfulness and vulnerability creates the best environment for women to thrive, which equals the best results! Why wouldn’t you want to be on the forefront of this latest revolution in the wellness industry before your competitors do?

WTribe will provide your business with face to face or online courses that build self-love, acceptance and sharing amongst your members. Empowering women to not only exercise because they love themselves but because they want to support the women around them.

We have a range of workshops to choose from, and we guarantee they will make a difference to the culture of your tribe of women.

The current courses include the following and can all be delivered either online or in person.

Be That Girl Workshop

A fantastic workshop which really immerses women into the principals of mindfulness. We recommend this workshop to be run once a quarter, or at the start of a new program or challenge.

Topics: knowing yourself, self-talk, vision and goal setting and personal values.

Cost $60 per person, Minimum 10 people.

What you get- 4 hours of guest speakers, content, worksheets and a range of tools to help you really start to discover and love yourself.

Know Yourself Workshop

This taster workshop gives women an insight into themselves and their unconstructive behaviours that hold them back from being the best version of themselves. We delve into their self-talk and barriers and help remove them so women can thrive. A really good workshop to kick off a new program or challenge.

Topics: knowing yourself and self-talk.

Cost $30 per person, Minimum 10 people.

What you get- 2 hours of guest speakers, content, worksheets and a range of tools to help you really start to understand yourself and what’s holding you back from being truly happy and authentic.

Living my Personal Values Workshop

A really powerful workshop and our most popular! Personal values explore what is truly important to each of us as individuals and challenges us to ask whether we are living a life true to those values. In this workshop, women learn how to prioritise their lives and decisions and start saying NO to things that no longer serve them.

Topics: Defining your personal values and learning to live by them

Cost $30 per person, Minimum 10 people.

What you get- 2 hours of guest speakers, content, worksheets and a range of tools to help you to really know what’s important to you and how to make decisions in your life by those values.

Vision and Goal Setting Workshop

We teach women how to set themselves wellness visions and to create a purpose for their new goals and habits. With a vision founded in love and acceptance, our goals become more inspiring and sustainable. This workshop is perfect to kick off a new challenge or event, where we can help your members incorporate your nutrition and fitness targets within these goals and daily milestones. A really thorough process to drive accountability and results.

Topics: Setting personal vision and goals

Cost $30 per person, Minimum 10 people.

What you get- 2 hours of guest speakers, content, worksheets and a range of tools to help you set a vision and wellness goals that come from a place of love for yourself.

SPECIAL- If you are interested in running a couple of sessions then we can tailor a package to suit you especially!!

Please get in touch with one of our amazing coaches to organize the right sessions for your business. We can’t wait to partner with you!

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