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Our first #WTribe had amazing results!!

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Wow, is all I can say!

After completing my first “Trial” #WTribe, I can’t believe the results and responses from all the women involved.

The #WTribe program on the Central Coast of NSW has been designed specifically for women, because women, and incorporates 3 critical elements to create a sustainable wellness lifestyle for women.


2) Physical Fitness

3)Creating the right support network (The #Wtribe)

My first group of women showed significant improvements in weight loss, fitness levels and most importantly their self-confidence.

The topics we covered in the mindfulness components were:

Week 1- Goal Setting

Week 2- Personal Values

Week 3- Constructive and in De-constructive self-talk

Week 4- Celebrating Achievements

Week 5- Goal re-alignment

Week 6- Prioritizing your “Big Rocks”

Week 7- Practicing Gratitude

Week 8- Vulnerability

Week 9- Giving and receiving feedback

Week 10- Final Fitness Results and Reflection

My next Program is now into its 3rd week with over 30 women and is also going really well!!!

It’s so exciting being able to follow my dreams of helping other women realise their full potential!

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