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The first step in my journey of self love was realising I couldn’t do it alone….

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I had been living with a group of friends for over 6 months, and though I was always surrounded by so many people I had never felt more alone in my life. By this stage, I’d spent a good 12 months of my life partying. Drinking copious amounts of alcohol and taking cocktails of drugs every weekend, as a way to escape. One morning, after a usual weekend filled with drugs and booze, I woke up and I just knew I wanted OUT! This weekend was no different to the rest, there was absolutely nothing special about it, and I think that’s what brought on my realisation. The realisation that my life will not change if I do not change it, that my future would continue to be filled with blurry nights, cheap booze, regretful decisions, horrendous hangovers, and so many negative emotions. So when I woke up, I really WOKE UP!

That same day I remember calling my mum and telling her that I needed to come home. She told me she loved me and that she and dad would be ready to help me move my stuff straight away, that their door was always open. This was the first time that I realised that I could reach out, that I didn’t have to do this alone. My mum probably doesn’t realise this, but her unconditional love for me was the first part of my healing and growth because she allowed me to see that there is always support there if you are willing to reach out.

So the first step had been taken, I was back home and back to “safety”, but now what? My mum was able to give me the love and support that I needed, but I also needed knowledge on how to move forward. Again, I had to reach out to someone. This is where Declan comes in. I had met Declan 6 months prior, he had done an amazing talk for a company that I was working for and it resonated with me so much, however, I wasn’t ready to take it on board at that time. When thinking about how to move forward, Declan was first to come to mind, I remembered his talk and I knew that I had to contact him. After reaching out to Declan, I decided to start a coaching block with him, and from here I began to grow.

The coaching block did absolute wonders for me, as did my friendship with Declan. I had worked through so many limiting beliefs and habits and was truly starting to flourish and be the person I had always wanted to be, but I was still unsure of my true purpose. It was at this stage in my life that I met Sarah from W Tribe. I went to one of Sarah’s workshops, and here I had some more breakthroughs, but the biggest one was realising that I could help change women’s lives. That through my journey and learning’s I could help women to see how worthy they are, and how much happier their lives can be. BUT, I didn’t know IF or HOW I could do that. So guess what I did? I REACHED OUT TO SARAH. I asked for help once again, and once again it saw me grow more and more.

As I continue to move forward with my life and grow, I continue to ask for help. I know now that life is a path that doesn’t have to be walked alone. I know that the knowledge I lack, I can seek. And I know that if I reach out my hand, it will be met with another hand ready to guide me.

You too can ask for help. You too can accept help. You too, do not have to do it all alone.

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