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Interested in joining us?

Whilst we are undergoing unprecedented tough times, our communities need us more than ever. The fitness industry is built of tough people, and together we are stronger and we will make it through this. By combining our strengths and working together, we can provide our communities and the world with a new fitness platform that provides enduring benefIts for our members and income for our industry.


How it works

STEP 1: Register your interest as a 'Professional' and you will be contacted and approved by our Business Manager

STEP 2: You will be issued a unique sign up page and training on how to set up your services and get started. Our graphic designer will incorporate your pictures and logos into our site and you will be issued with a graphics package for your own social media launch

STEP 3: Invite your community to join as Members. You will be given a unique code which will register you for commission on every member that joins! You get ongoing commission for the life of their membership!

STEP 4: Get paid to run LIVE workouts at times that suit you. Your pay increases with how many people attend your workouts!

STEP 5: Continue to do what you love, build your community and bring health and wellness to the world in a time we need it most!

What trainers get out of it?

  • Platform provided - No ongoing fees, no rent and you get to continue to build your community amongst other professionals. Think of us like your I.T. Department, co-workers and gym floor all-in-one!

  • A secure income - Earn weekly commission from your referrals plus get paid to run workouts! Your pay increases as more people attend your classes too!

  • Added value for your community - They get your workouts plus other trainer's workouts. Maintains trust and community so you can all leave and go back to ‘normal’ when this is over

  • Maintain and promote your own brand - We don't want you to lose everything you've worked for!! Keep your name, your brand and your community and watch it grow on our global platform. We are a collaboration of fitness professionals supporting each other!

  • All training provided on how to run live workouts and set up services

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