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Women. Mindfulness. Fitness…. WTribe Online Program has finally launched!

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We are so excited to announce our first 10 Week WTribe Online program for 2018!

We would love you to come on journey of amazing and inspiring women and to help you on your wellness journey where you will discover the power of women supporting women!

WTribe is not just another online fitness program. WTribe Web Warriors is about women’s wellness in both mind and body. We are about women supporting women and learning to bring health and fitness into our lifestyles from a place of love and respect for ourselves and each other.

We know that being connected with a group of supportive and likeminded women is going to help hold you accountable and ensure your wellness becomes fun and sustainable.

What can you expect from joining this tribe?

You will receive a weekly email with Mindfulness content including videos and written materials for you to work on your relationship with your self, your mind and other women. Each week has a new topic that will really challenge the way you see yourself or your behaviours and thoughts. Some of the topics will be scary… but even more reason for you to work through them, be vulnerable, ask for help from your tribe and learn to be more mindful.

You will also receive links to your workouts. There will be TWO full live videos per week, each live video is a step by step workout to do in the privacy of your own home with Sarah W and other Wtribe members (YES REAL Women!).

You will ALSO receive 4 accountability workouts which are quick snapshots of workouts for workout motivation for you to complete in your own time.

There will also be a private Facebook group where you will meet all the other lovely ladies in your tribe, you will discuss the weekly topics and challenges and Sarah W will be posting all the important information you will need.

Come and join our Tribe, or send this on to someone who you think would love it!

I really look forward to working with you.

Love, Sarah W

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