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Welcome to our Team Anna Loveridge!

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We are so excited to welcome Anna Loveridge to our WTribe team as our new Move and Wellness coach!!

See the beautiful message from Anna below! “When your DREAM JOB asks you to be a part of their amazing team at WTribe!!!

I feel as though I manifested this job, all I’ve ever wanted to do was share my passion for health and wellness whilst also being REAL and HONEST about my struggles with my eating disorder and mental health in order to help other women around me. Sarah asked me to be my TRUE self from the very start and it was so refreshing to be ‘allowed’ to talk about my journey to the members and to be vulnerable and not ashamed of the rocky path that led me here today. Other women need this shit!!! They need to know they’re not alone and that their struggles with their body, mind and health aren’t something to be ashamed of. I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing movement, using my skills as a PT whilst also being around empowering and inspiring women, helping each other get through this thing we call life!

Thank you Sarah and Tahnee for everything, I am so very honoured.”

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