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I Paid Myself $500 this week

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I paid myself $500 this week.

To some this is not a lot of money, but to me, today, it is huge.        

You see, after leaving my successful corporate career 2 years ago, I decided that little old me, a single mum of 2, could change the world for all women and our daughters. I decided that I knew the tools to make all women happier and healthier… and that I was prepared to risk everything to do that…because it just felt right. It was my calling.

After starting a new relationship, my partner Rob supported me while I started WTribe, a Women’s Wellness Movement. I decided that in order to make it truly work, I would re-invest every single dollar back into the business for the first year. Besides a few meals out on the company and a couple of sneaky pieces of activewear that I put through the company, every other dollar was spent back into the business, my dream. My family of 4 (now 5) survived off my partners modest salary for 12 months.

There were times when I wanted to take some income, just to pay the rates or the latest electricity bill or to give the kids a birthday party… but I didn’t.

It was hard when I received criticism for not buying friends gifts for their celebrations, or for not being able to say yes to holidays and social events because I couldn’t afford it.

When I had a new baby, the temptation to buy her new things was huge, but instead I asked for donations and everything she owns is pre-loved.

Every single member I know by name because they are so important to me and every single member that left upset me to my core, not just because of the financial impact but because I would worry that I hadn’t been able to help them.

Every time it felt tough, I reminded myself that if I truly believe in my creating this safe and empowering space for women that it would take sacrifices- both personally and financially.

Every time I realised I was working my butt off and not making any money I reminded myself that the rewards were not financial, but in the smiles and actions and happiness of every woman I was touching.

Every time someone made assumptions about me and my lifestyle because I owned a ‘successful business’ I bit my tongue and just stayed focused.

In creating the space in my business to re-invest, we created a whole new website and online program. I trained 3 of the most incredible staff a new business owner could ever ask for, we bought new equipment that the members were asking for and we held events to thank our members for their support. I even found the time and space to grow and deliver a new baby girl in this time!

I am proud of my purpose and the hundreds of women I, and my team have helped. I am proud that my business is now set up for future growth with an incredible team and foundation for both growth in person and online.

I am so am proud of this $500. It’s going back on my mortgage. My mortgage I drew down on to start this business. This $500 is so much more than $500. It represents growth, it represents courage, it represents that if you risk it all to follow your dreams and you surround yourself with the right people then anything is possible.

So a huge thankyou to every woman that has supported me this last 12 months. Whether you are a member, you’ve attended a workshop, I’ve taught your kids or teens, your business has supported my business or you’ve simply shared or like my posts…. Thankyou for being a part of this movement. You too have helped women all over the world become happier and healthier versions of themselves. xx

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