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Coronavirus and the Fitness Industry

Wow.... I don't even know where to start. A few days ago we essentially all lost our livelihoods. We shut the doors to our beloved Wtribe Womens Wellness Centre along with thousands of other gyms across Australia.

While the entire world, our members and their families are facing so much stress and ambiguity- it feels so wrong not being there for them. For so many, fitness is what keeps us balanced. Our gym is so much more than a gym, it's the place we feel at home. The place we can be ourselves and forget about our everyday stressors. It's the place where we re-charge, have a laugh, a cry or a big hug if that's what we need. It's our place we get sweaty and push our bodies and minds to do things we never thought we could do. We are proud of ourselves and each other. We support, encourage and motivate each other.

All of a sudden, millions of people across the world have lost their 'space' when they need it most. A lot of trainers and coaches are moving their businesses online- which is really challenging, changing your entire business model overnight, with no money coming in to pay for it.

We were overwhelmed by our members response when we closed. Close to half our members requested that they continue to pay their memberships. Their reason being that while they could, they would do anything to ensure our survival. They would do their part to ensure we were there for them during and after this crisis. They would do anything to keep their safe space.

My love goes out to everyone affected by the current situation, and a special mention to those affected by the impact on our fitness and wellness industry. Those who have lost jobs, and those who have lost their space.

To the fitness trainers doing all they can to resurrect themselves, just remember that together we are stronger.

Sarah x

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